EDU 620 Introduction

Hello. My name is Erik Carroll. I live in San Diego and have for my entire life. I am turning 40 this year and my wife of 7 years and I have a beautiful daughter of 21 months. She is the light of our life. I have been teaching for 13 years, 9 years teaching English and the last 4 years teaching physical education. I am passionate about everything sports, especially the San Diego Chargers.

I am currently earning my administration credential and earning my masters through Ashford at the same time. This program has helped me look closer at assessment and differentiation in a different light and now it looks like we’ll be looking at technology as well.

While I haven’t learned much about assistive technology, I did learn in my differentiation class that technology can be an important tool to assist you in differentiating instruction and making accommodations for those who need it.

I personally have had some experience with computers. When I taught English my final two years before moving on to physical education, I was part of a district pilot program that received 40 laptop computers for my classroom. Naturally this not only changed the way I taught but it also impacted much of the student engagement in my class in a positive way. When used properly, technology can have a positive impact in any classroom. My only concern is keeping up with the technology. Our schools already are cash strapped and need to keep up with the costs of updating equipment and repairing or replacing equipment that is lost, broken, or stolen. A piece of technology purchased today is irrelevant three years later. The money needs to be there and I am not sure our leadership has proven they can budget money properly to be able to afford to keep up with the changes.

I look forward to learning more.


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