Assessment Plan

Purpose and Learning Outcome: The purpose of this assessment is to determine whether the students have developed the basic skills necessary for passing a volleyball during a game to a partner using the correct form and consistently passing the ball with accuracy. The students are 6th graders and this is a part of a manipulative skills unit where the students are having to demonstrate the motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of activities. Being assessed is the following learning outcome: Given a volleyball, the student will volley the ball with a partner five consecutive times in the air using the forearm pass without a bounce.

Assessment Context: The skill of volleying using a forearm pass with correct form accurately is important for anyone wanting to play and compete in the game of volleyball. This skill is important to learn and master to avoid losing points for your team.

Holistic Rubric: See Attached:
Manipulative Skills Rubric

Testing Constraints: While giving this type of assessment, there are a number of factors that come into play. Being that we are in Southern California, most activities take place outside where weather can be unpredictable. Wind can especially play a factor on our outdoor volleyball courts which can hinder ones ability to successfully complete a pass to a partner. The partner themselves may not be at the same level as the passer being assessed and can therefore compromise the learners grade. Finally, while it is the passers responsibility to put themselves into the correct position to pass the ball, the ball may be in a spot that is difficult to hit and the passer may not be able to get in the correct position but still be able to complete the pass.


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