Test and Essay Items

As I looked at my learning outcomes, they are very specific.  Much of what I am asking my students to do is mechanical.  In other words, if not done correctly with proper form, the task they are being asked to accomplish will not be executed properly.  There are many little things that must be known by the athlete in order to get the one job done. 

My first and third test items reflect this as each has to do with the mechanics of the swinging or striking of the object.  My second test item is more about a rule in the game of wall, but this rule is necessary for success in the game.  If the rule is not followed, the person who is striking the ball will lose the point every time they perform this action incorrectly. 

With my test items, I attempted to, as Kubiszyn and Borich (2013) state, make my multiple choice questions clear and unambiguous, clearly having only once correct answer, avoiding possible answers like all of the above or none of the above, and avoiding trick questions.  The questions are pretty straight-forward. 

My essay question allows the students to not only go through the proper mechanics of a forearm pass used in volleyball, but it also asks them to transfer knowledge they learned about how they should strike the ball to what could possible happen if not struck properly.  Asking them to explain the cause-effect relationship of the mechanics of striking the volleyball using the forearm pass allows for them to use higher-level thinking as they transfer what they know into what potentially can happen as they hit a volleyball improperly.  I gave them specific guidelines as well, making sure they know I want no more than a page. 


Kubiszyn, T., & Borich, G. D. (2013). Educational testing and measurement: Classroom application and practice. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.


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