Grade 6 Physical Education Manipulative Skills Unit

Learning Outcome #1: Using a paddle and tennis ball, the student will strike the ball against a wall and with a partner using a forehand swing ten consecutive times without it bouncing more than once before each swing.

Test Item: While striking a ball with a paddle in the forehand position, as the paddle strikes the ball, the palm of your hand will be facing:
A. behind you.
B. the wall in front of you.
C. the sky.
D. your partner.

Learning Outcome #2: Using a wall ball, the student will use a body part to strike the ball against the wall ten consecutive times without it bouncing more than once both before and after striking it.

Test Item: After striking the ball with your hand during wall ball, the ball should bounce off the ground:

A. only once.
B. no more than twice.
C. as many times as is needed to get to the wall.
D. only after it strikes the wall.

Learning Outcome #3: Given a volleyball, the student will volley the ball with a partner five consecutive times in the air using the forearm pass without a bounce.

Test Item: While striking the ball in volleyball using the forearm pass, the proper place to make contact with the ball using your forearms is when the ball is:

A. above your waist.
B. below your knees.
C. at head level.
D. between your waist and your knees.

Essay Item: Explain in detail all the facets of a proper forearm pass in volleyball from the beginning to the end. Explain when this type of pass should be used and what can happen if a person is not properly set up to deliver the pass using the correct form. Be sure to explain all possible uses for this pass and the cause-effect relationship between at least one improper set-up positions. Limit your response to one page.


3 comments on “Grade 6 Physical Education Manipulative Skills Unit

  1. whitley48 says:

    Hi Erik,
    I like the way you did your blog page. I am new at this and I hope to get the same result.

  2. erikcc98 says:

    Thanks Whitley. Let me know if you need help. I’d be happy to help you.

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